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The life of an Heiress

worth a trillion bucks

beautiful Paris Hilton
17 February
Hey there gorgeous! Of course you know who I am. paris hilton. Born worth a fortion.
I am an heiress. And you can be too here are some tips:
You gotta have a cool name, like Paris, which is Heiress with a P!
You gotta be born into a cool and rich family.
You have to have some secrets or you are boring and no one is curious about what's going on in your life.

For some more tips check out my new hot book 'Confessions of an Heiress' by yours truly

I live with my sister Nicky in Beverly Hills. We live near my best friend Nicole Richie (perhaps you have heard of her.... her daddy's a famous singer... Lionel Richie?), we do everythihng together... even get brazilian waxes together! We love eachother to death.

Everyone wants to be me.... i know how sad for you, how happy for me.